The Question Concerning Technology


This is a Digital Humanities project as part of the 02.132HT The Question of Technology course at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.
According to section 35 of the Singapore Copyright Act, up to 10% or an entire chapter may be reproduced for educational purposes.
The full text of Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology from the book The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays (1977), translated by William Levitt, is now available online.
In the book The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays (1977), there are 5 translated essays in English, namely:
    The Question Concerning Technology ["Die Frage nach der Technik"] (originally published in 1954 in German)
    The Turning ["Die Kehre"] (originally published in 1949 in German)
    The Word of Nietzsche: God is Dead ["Nietzsches Wort 'Gott ist tot' "] (originally published in 1943 in German)
    The Age of the World Picture ["Die Zeit des Weltbildes"] (originally published in 1938 in German)
    Science and Reflection ["Wissenschaft und Besinnung"] (originally published in 1953 in German)
The Question Concerning Technology is just but one chapter of the five chapters in the English translation by Levitt.

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